Our Mission Statement

Two Eleven, LLC  is primarily, but not limited to, an EDM events management agency. Our mission is to bring communities together by helping businesses, organizers, and artists all around the world plan and execute unforgettable events. With our services, businesses and organizers can list events and sell tickets, while artists can create a personalized profile to help them book gigs and make a name for themselves.




“Regardless of how bad things have gotten in my life, music has always been the perfect remedy to give me that jump start I so desperately needed to keep moving forward. A song that suddenly becomes the perfect dose of adrenaline just fills you with all sorts of  emotions that turn into hope and eventually the will to succeed. That is very powerful. It is divine.

It was then that I realized I wanted to create a place where people can come to and not only express themselves, and people would listen, but also where they can find everything they need to help them succeed in their endeavors.”

This was the birth of Two Eleven. -Zack

Founder & Owner

Christian E Zacharias

Christian E. Zacharias, CEO